July 10, 2011

"Old" Friends

Had some good old friends come visit today, what a wonderful surprise. I haven't seen these kiddos for about 8 years, they have grown up so beautifully! Thanks so much for visiting on your busy trip!

July 8, 2011

Take Two! More Surf Lessons Today!

Today was day two of our surf lessons. I originally planned on two lessons per kiddo, but we are going to do three becasue the boys are loving it so much! Hailey realy enjoyed her experience yesterday, but decided to sit out of today's festivities. So, I took her place! Yep, can't believe it, I am a surfer! It was actually harder than I expected it to be, which made me even prouder of my kids! They popped right up, I was completely happy riding the waves in on my belly :) It was actually quite an accomplishment (I felt) to be able to get on the board and balance side to side, get pushed onto the wave, and keep my center of gravity back far enough on the board as to not "nose-dive" right into the wave. The waves were choppier toay than yesterday, but the boys managed to get to their feet a few times still. An all around great experience!  Thanks again "Down to Earth Surf and Stretch".

Close up!  Look how intense!

July 7, 2011

Summer Surfing Lesons!

This kids had surfing lessons today for the first time! As California natives, it was about time, right? My kiddos range from age 8 to 15. This was the first summe activity that all three were excited about! We went with "Down to Earth Surf and Stretch", a surfing and yoga business run by three terrific locals. The kids started with lessons on the beach about safety and learned how to "pop up" on the board. Then it was off to the waves! All three got into a standing position the firt try! I am so proud of them!  The kids got a bit tired, and some water up the nose, so they enjoyed a couple of breaks in between waves.  They also liked watching each other surf.  Thank you Bobbie, Logan and Francis, can't wait for tomorrow's lesson!