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July 8, 2011

Take Two! More Surf Lessons Today!

Today was day two of our surf lessons. I originally planned on two lessons per kiddo, but we are going to do three becasue the boys are loving it so much! Hailey realy enjoyed her experience yesterday, but decided to sit out of today's festivities. So, I took her place! Yep, can't believe it, I am a surfer! It was actually harder than I expected it to be, which made me even prouder of my kids! They popped right up, I was completely happy riding the waves in on my belly :) It was actually quite an accomplishment (I felt) to be able to get on the board and balance side to side, get pushed onto the wave, and keep my center of gravity back far enough on the board as to not "nose-dive" right into the wave. The waves were choppier toay than yesterday, but the boys managed to get to their feet a few times still. An all around great experience!  Thanks again "Down to Earth Surf and Stretch".

Close up!  Look how intense!

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