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July 7, 2011

Summer Surfing Lesons!

This kids had surfing lessons today for the first time! As California natives, it was about time, right? My kiddos range from age 8 to 15. This was the first summe activity that all three were excited about! We went with "Down to Earth Surf and Stretch", a surfing and yoga business run by three terrific locals. The kids started with lessons on the beach about safety and learned how to "pop up" on the board. Then it was off to the waves! All three got into a standing position the firt try! I am so proud of them!  The kids got a bit tired, and some water up the nose, so they enjoyed a couple of breaks in between waves.  They also liked watching each other surf.  Thank you Bobbie, Logan and Francis, can't wait for tomorrow's lesson!

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