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August 12, 2021

San Marcos, California Newborn Photographer, Shelly Rosen Photography-Colors

I often ask my clients what colors they would like for their baby's newborn photography session. As you can imagine, pink is a popular choice for girls and blue for boys. I like to think of the colors for the session as a whole, so all the images get along. This works out great for designing albums or hanging prints side by side.

There is nothing wrong with pink and blue! They are two of my favorite colors for sure. But it is fun to play with new colors and color schemes too. Have you noticed the earthy tones that are all over right now? Lots of creams and browns, oranges, reds and yellows.

This session  in my San Marcos, Ca studio, mom requested lots of earthy tones. I pulled out warm brown-orange and reds for the earth, a muted blue for water and sky, a pale happy green for the grasses and trees, and cream to match it all and lighten it all up. It turned out perfectly! What do you think?


Danielle said...

I love earth tones! A lot of colors get neglected because of pink and blue :)

Nicolenjoli Photography said...

wow Shelly, I Love all the rich colors you use in your photos. Really vibrant and nice to see babies against such beautiful colors!

Mary said...

I love the colors used in this session, beautiful job!

Unknown said...

Love all the earth tones in your newborn photography!

La Luna Photography said...

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