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March 9, 2017

Let Me Print Your Art

Hi all!  I want to talk for a minute about your digital images.  Have you downloaded them from the cloud?  You have, GREAT!  Have you backed them up so you have them in at least two different places?  Not two different folders, but two different hard drives. Or a hard drive and a thumb drive? Or in your own cloud account and on your computer? Well, if so, GREAT AGAIN!

So now lets talk about your artwork.  Those digital images cant be seen or loved on your hard drive, on your CD in the drawer, or even in little tiny pixels on your cell phone.  Your digital images have been meticulously crafted, from the lighting, styling and posing that took place in the studio, to the hand editing and fine tuning applied to each image in the digital darkroom. These images are digital at the moment, but were actually created to be ART. They were meant to be touched and held in an album, printed on canvas for your walls, and displayed in prints and frames.

After all, all of those little pixels come together and display the most perfect subject matter...your sweet newborn! What could bring more joy and smiles than remembering that perfect little gift that has been entrusted to you. To see how tiny and wonderful and precious your tiny human is whenever you climb the stairs or peer over the mantle.

So let me print your art! I am happy to help you with groupings, album design and selecting sizes. I'd love to help!

Leave a comment and tell me what you have done or would like to do with your digital images!

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jenniwaka said...

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Physical prints and products are so beautiful and meaningful. I love that hanging 2-image product you have--so unique and gorgeous!