July 17, 2014

More Baby N to Share

I finished up this cutie pie's gallery and had a few more shots I wanted to share with you all.  What a doll baby, right?

newborn baby top knot hat

shelly rosen newborn
shely rosen newborn thinking expression

sweet newborn mid yawn shelly rosen photography

June 25, 2014

San Marcos, California Newborn Photographer: Meet Baby E

Baby E was so smushy and relaxed for her photo session.  She is 8 days new in these images. And take a look at her beautiful mommy.  I was excited to create this before/after image for her!  This mommy is truly beautiful inside and out!

June 11, 2014

Little Baby N

I am so thrilled I  got to meet and cuddle baby N this morning!  This guy was such a good sleeper and he smiled a lot.  He smiled while I held him, he smiled while I was re positioning my light, he smiled while I was adjusting his pose...And then and the very end of our session together, I caught him smiling one more time :-)

June 10, 2014

Special Olympics Summer Games

I had the opportunity to take photos at the Summer Games once again.  It is a lot of fun at this event, there are lots of events and tons of athletes.  Makes for a great day of sports shooting.

You Go Girls!

Last night I got together with my daughter and her friends.  They are all at an exciting and scary time in their lives.  They are graduation High School! All of the girls have decided to attend college, some here in San Marcos, one is off to San Francisco, another to Riverside...Big changes!  New challenges! Exciting adventures ahead! What a wonderful group of young ladies, friends who laugh a lot and support each other through thick and thin.  You Go Girls!  You Got This! 

March 6, 2014

Baby Brayden: 3 Weeks Old

I had a sweet visitor today!  Baby Brayden is already 3 weeks old and was a sweet sleeper today. Welcome to the world little man!