December 16, 2013

Special Olympics Fall Games: Fountain Valley, Ca

This Saturday I  had the opportunity to shoot some sports action at the Special Olympics Fall Games in Fountain Valley, Ca.  Although sports shooting is a little bit out of my comfort zone of taking newborn baby portraits and high school senior portraits, I was excited to challenge myself and be able to donate a little bit of my time to this really neat organization.
One athlete I met this weekend was Matthew (same name as my youngest son).  Matthew saw me wandering around the large venue, perhaps looking a little overwhelmed.  He said I looked like I was wondering how I was going to get pictures of it all!  He was probably right!  So he put me at ease, and he and his friends posed for me and told me about their softball game.  He said he was glad he was able to put a smile on my face, and he did!

October 14, 2013

San Marcos Ca. Newborn Baby Photographer: Baby M

Today I had the joy of photographing Baby "M", 20 days new.  She slept so well!  We had a great time getting to know one another :-)  Lots of awesome shots to come, but for now a quick sneak peek for Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa.  And Thank you Auntie for making these special "fancy pants" for Baby M's photo session!

September 28, 2013

Baby Jack: San Marcos, Ca Newborn Baby Photography

Ii have neglected my blog badly.  I took the easy way out.  I have been posting to facebook and instagram but not my blog.  What a mistake!  I love looking back through my posts, seeing all the babies and families I've been blessed to photograph.  Watching my little clients grow and change throughout the years is such a joy.

Here is the newest little guy in my extended family, Jack.  I named him. (Just don't ask my sister Jennifer who thinks she came up with it).  I love the name Jack, it's a good solid boy name, and cute enough for a baby too.

Hello, Jack!

August 9, 2013

Order Your St. Mark Church Directory Today

Hello fellow parishioners of St. Mark's.  Good news!  The new 50th Anniversary Book is about to go to press!  We are only ordering enough books to get to all the people who are ordering them in advance. There will be only a few extra copies available after the book goes to press, so order your copy ASAP.  Book will be ready at the end of November.

Any questions?  Please contact me! --Shelly